For Parents

I remember sitting on the admissions committee, ready to present my case. The student’s folder sat in front of me, and I looked over the details.  He was from a small school in Vermont and was clearly a leader.  He had taken challenging courses and achieved strong grades, but his SAT scores did not reflect his academic achievements.  Where was the disconnect? I didn’t know because the student had not presented his entire story in his application.  I presented the information I had, but he was not admitted.

The harsh lessons I experienced as an admissions officer at Babson College led me to be a college counselor. A lot goes into applying to college, and it is challenging to keep track of all the requirements and details. It is also difficult to motivate students to really think about the college process and present their entire story.  What if the student above was sick the day he took the SAT?  What if he planned to take another test? There could have been many different reasons he did not do well, but I didn’t have all of the information.

When I hear from parents, they have a lot of questions. How do we find the right college? What majors should my child consider? Will my child get in? How will we pay for college?  You may find that even though you have been through the college process yourself, you probably have more questions than answers when it comes to your child.

I can’t promise to take all of the stress out of the college process, but here is how I can help:

As a college counselor, I have been through the application process over 200 times, and I have read thousands of applications as an admissions counselor, so I know how to deal with the unknowns. The college application process is complicated, so having someone by your side who has been through it before- well, it helps.

I will be your student’s biggest cheerleader and coach. I know how to provide the right amount of challenge and support to help with self-confidence while teaching them how to face the realities of the college application process. I will breakdown the process so they are motivated to complete the necessary steps instead of feeling overwhelmed by a long list of “to-do” items. I will be there to keep them on task and to support them when they need it most.

Sometimes, the most challenging aspect of working on a complicated process is talking about it. There are many feelings and emotions (hello, stress) attached to the college application process.  As a mediator bridging the communication gap, I hear both the students’ and parents’ opinions and needs.

I don’t make decisions for students (or parents), but my job is to provide the information you need to make informed decisions that lead you to the best college for your student academically, socially, and financially. Focusing on the investment of college is just one piece. Getting the best return on investment involves looking at the cost of attendance, financial aid, and helping the student learn the skills to succeed once they arrive on the college campus.

Having personalized, one-on-one college counseling from an expert helps students take ownership of their process and succeed. To find out more about how I can help your family, schedule a consultation.