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Hiring a college counselor is a big decision. You need to find someone in-tune with your academic, social, and financial goals- and a good match for your family. Someone with experience who knows what it takes for students to be successful in the college process. I spend a lot of time with my students, so it is important for you to know about me, how I became a college counselor, and why I love my job.

When I was a college student at the University of San Diego, I did EVERYTHING. I ran for student government, became a part of the orientation team, joined a sorority, volunteered in the community, worked as a resident assistant- and the list goes on.  During my senior year, one of my mentors said to me, “You know, you can do this for a living.” So, I began my path from lost English major to higher education professional and college counselor.

While a graduate student at Boston College (earning an MA in Higher Education Administration), I studied student development and learned the importance of developing a STUDENT-CENTERED philosophy.  Working directly with students is the most important- and my favorite- part of my job.

I lived with college students, even after I was a college student. As a Coordinator of Student Development at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, I helped students navigate the CHALLENGES of adjusting to college life. I now use that knowledge to support my students through the transition to college.

My favorite part about being an admissions officer at Babson College was presenting a student to “the committee.” Digging into an application file, interviewing students, pulling out details from their letters of recommendation, or hearing their voices in an essay, taught me how to help high school students develop their BEST applications.

It is possible to bring structure to your college application process. While it may feel daunting and overwhelming, you can break it down into smaller parts.

Since 2009, I have helped hundreds of students not only manage the process but TAKE CHARGE. I’ve read more college applications than I care to admit. Still, my favorite essays included scenes from the movie Rocky, details about how newspapers shape perspective, and the vulnerability felt when learning a new language.

I continue to learn about this EVER-CHANGING process by visiting college campuses, mentoring new independent counselors, attending national conferences, chairing the College Consultants of Colorado, and I became a Certified Educational Planner in 2016.

When I am not reading essays, creating college lists, visiting colleges, or teaching students the skills they need to succeed, you can find me enjoying Colorado with my family.  My husband also works in higher education, and we often swap information about the colleges we visit.  My oldest, Madison, is a dancer, and she keeps me on my toes.  My youngest, Kennedy, is a lover of many things, including acting, sewing, and basketball.  Oh, and I can’t forget my biggest child, my loveable Labradoodle, Rainier.  When he is not patiently waiting for his daily walk, he is curled up at my feet and sometimes appears during Zoom calls.

I have always believed that students have the right to know EVERYTHING about the college process. Deciding where to attend college is one of the most significant decisions you will make.  Why wouldn’t you want to obtain as much information as possible from a person who genuinely wants to help you succeed?

I am a mentor, guide, coach, and, some would say, “teenager whisperer.” I resolve conflicts, brainstorm, follow up, inform, communicate, observe, edit, and listen. My job is different every day and with every student.  There is no “one size fits all” approach, and I can’t wait to see what your future holds!

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